Azure Security Center & log Analytics Workspaces

Azure Security Center is a good thing to have as part of your Azure resources and it comes in two tiers: Free or Standard. By default it is enabled in your Azure subscription at the free tier and changing that to standard unlocks additional features and comes with some costs . So you've upgraded Security … Continue reading Azure Security Center & log Analytics Workspaces

Playing with Azure Firewall

What is Azure Firewall  - A fully stateful firewall as a service. Before you can deploy Azure Firewall you need to register the provider in your subscription : Register-AzureRmProviderFeature -FeatureName AllowRegionalGatewayManagerForSecureGateway -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Network Register-AzureRmProviderFeature -FeatureName AllowAzureFirewall -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Network It can take up to 30 minutes for the feature registration to complete The easy way … Continue reading Playing with Azure Firewall