Terraform 0.12

So Terraform 0.12 was just released. I sat down this morning to have a quick play with it. I strongly recommend following the upgrade guide and make a separate branch of your TF files before testing 0.12. After getting everything setup and ready to test I ran a plan and apply using Terraform 0.11.14 and … Continue reading Terraform 0.12

Combining Terraform with Azure Devops

Really short and straight to the point post. 😀 I use the 'Terraform Tasks for Azure DevOps' extensions which makes using Terraform with Azure Devops an absolute breeze I have a build pipleline which initiates the remote storage for the Terraform state file, perfoms the Terraform init and the Terraform plan, all relevant files are … Continue reading Combining Terraform with Azure Devops

Azure Security Center & log Analytics Workspaces

Azure Security Center is a good thing to have as part of your Azure resources and it comes in two tiers: Free or Standard. By default it is enabled in your Azure subscription at the free tier and changing that to standard unlocks additional features and comes with some costs . So you've upgraded Security … Continue reading Azure Security Center & log Analytics Workspaces

Intro to using Terraform for Azure resource deployments

  I've been increasingly using Terraform for my Infrastructure as Code deployments to Azure and I really like it and prefer it to using ARM templates.  The thing I like most about Terraform is that it's simple to use yet very powerful in its capabilities. This post is not intended to be an in-depth introduction … Continue reading Intro to using Terraform for Azure resource deployments