This site is run by Paul Paginton, an IT Pro in the UK.  The obvious place to start is ‘why is the domain name bluesun.cloud?  Well I’m a massive Firefly fan, and if you’ve never seen Firely you really should.  And why .cloud?  Well I mostly work with public cloud technologies these days, primarily Azure so .cloud seem appropiate.

My first job in IT was supporting Netware 4.11 SFTIII servers, with the occassional Netware 3 server appearing.  Then progessed to Netware 5, 6 and 6.5.  I did some fairly large deployments of Netware 5 and 6/6.5 with the largest being 6.5 rolled out to support circa 200 sites around the UK.  I LOVED Netware, this love includes loving Novell Directory Services (NDS).  NDS was a dream to deploy and support, if anyone ever wants to reminisce about Netware or Novell in general get in touch.

As Novell’s decline was becoming apparent I moved over to Windows 2000/2003 and Active Directory.  It wasn’t long before I was immersed in the Microsoft ecosystem, everything from Windows, Active Directory, Exchange, Remote Desktop Services, a bit of SQL all came my way.  Active Directory became something of a speciality for me, maybe because I so enjoyed comparing it to my beloved NDS (even though AD is very very good I’m still not convinced it has ever become ‘better’ than NDS)

Over the years AD became more and more of a focus for me and I often got involved in AD migrations, troubleshooting, deployments, design and really anything AD related.  I’ve come across horribly neglected Active Directory forests over the years (my favourite was a forest in which all the child domains were ‘hidden’ behind a NAT to the forest root, this did not work out too well.  Took me a while to get that one sorted.

I went through a vmWare period, as I suspect many people did.  Virtualisation was great and solved so many problems.  I did many deployments of vCenter 5/5.5 systems, the largest of which was a 16 node cluster.

I’m now heavily into public cloud, primarily Azure but I try to keep as up to date as possible on AWS and GCP.  Cloud computing really is amazing to me;  the scalabilty, flexibilty of these cloud platforms is immense and for me cloud is all about ‘outcome based’ computing.  What do I mean by that?  Well if you go back say 10 years, to get to the end result for the business you may have had to purchase new hardware.  A new application may have needed more storage, which meant you may need another shelf in your storage array, you may then need another SAN switch or network switch.  In short you had to jump through many hurdles to get to the business outcome, by the end of the those hurdles you may have forgotten what it was that was even being delivered.  If you had to wait for purchase orders to be signed off and hardware delivered you really could have forgotten.  Now with cloud computing and a few lines of code, or a few clicks in a portal you can have an entire infrastructure up and running in no time.  Need something added to that infrastructure, more capacity or even less capacity; scale up and down at your leisure.


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