Learning Golang

I’ve decided the time is now to properly learn a programming language and I’ve decided to go with Go (see what I did there 🙂 )

Why Go? I’ve been dabbling with Python and Go recently but I feel I just prefer Go and I’ve just been dithering too long on deciding which language to learn to I’m sticking to Go.

I’m an IT Pro, not a programmer or developer but I do have scripting experience, mostly with PowerShell and I’d rate myself proficient with PowerShell so I am already familiar with concepts like conditionals, variables and operators so I’m not a complete newbie, but I will be starting with the most newbie of courses and material I can find for Golang.

I plan on putting a post up every time I do some Golang study to summarise what I have learnt during that study session.

I’ll be starting at https://tour.golang.org/basics/1

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