Github not showing commits


The other day I noticed that my commits were not being shown on my commit history on Github.   I have a new laptop with a fresh install Git for Windows so I figured it was something to do with that, and it was!!

What I had forgotten to do was set my commit email address in Git, I’d obviously done it on my old laptop and forgotten I’d ever done so.

Running ‘git config –global‘ came back with a blank result on my new laptop so I obviously needed to enter an email address in my Git config.  I found this article which helped me solve my problem.  As the article states if you have enabled email privacy on your Github account (which I had) you need to use a Github provided ‘noReply’ address as your Git commit address.  This takes the format of ‘’

So in Git I had to do:

git config –global “”

Next time I ran pushed my commits to Github the commits showed on my commit histroy


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